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For some, MOBIPHIX is two-in-one. For others, it simply is ‘life larger than being.


Our array of tablets boasts a diverse range of devices from popular i-pads – to standard hp devices – to galaxy tabs – to ASUSZen Pad – to Surface Pro – to limited edition blackberry playbook. Every choice you make according to your need and preferences, comes with its own perks and benefits. There are many bundle deals on rotation at MOBPHIX for the tablets of your choice. At a tech-store as unique as MOBIPHIX you also get the choice to customize the tablet of your choice to your power of purchase. This can be achieved by buying used Tablets (with exclusive warrantee of MOBIPHIX) as well as by purchasing available installment packages.

As the race between smartphones and tablets narrows in – tablets at MOBIPHIX are particularly becoming popular. This trend speaks volumes for the rich user experience that branded tablets from MOBIPHIX offer as well as indicates growing telephony options offered on branded Tablets from MOBIPHIX with rise of cellular as well as data-intensive app based telephony.