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For some, MOBIPHIX is a novel note. For others, it simply is ‘glittery galaxy’.


Riding the tides of android, breaking the boundaries of innovation with simplicity, Samsung phones have been on the rise – further and farther than most could predict. MOBIPHIX remains an admirer and a keen collector of the finest lots of Samsung phones. From every NOTE of music to every star of GALAXY that has charted the popularity ranks for tech-savvy generations, you will find one cased at MOBIPHIX – just for you.

Acing Korean technology, Samsung phones have risen from state-of-the-art micro-chip manufacturing to leading the app world of today. MOBIPHIX exclusively procures Samsung smartphones compatible with the network bandwidths operational in Canada – so rest assured that your cellular and data connectivity with a Samsung phone from MOBIPHIX will always remain a smooth sailing. Now whether you stay put in your neighborhood or roam your country in true Canadian spirit – let your favorite Samsung phone be with you, all along. After all, it comes with trusted back-up from MOBIPHIX.