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For some, MOBIPHIX says life’s good. For others, it simply is ‘better being the best’.

LG Phones

Built on the essence of Life’s Good, LG phones at MOBIPHIX present a full range of V, G and K series phones. The trade mark ThinQ, Xfinity and Pro LTE are among the top selling versions of these handy handheld devices. Fairly priced with compelling competitive features and value added offerings, LG mobiles at MOBIPHIX give you voice and data services par excellence. Best rated on value for money, signal strengths and touch pads – especially for Stylo series – LG continues to claim a decent market share in the North American cellular market.

Topping up LG’s own product service and support, MOBIPHIX reduces your turnaround time for new purchases, warrantee claims or any repair requirements – thanks to its own integrated Tech-lab on the sales floor. No wonders life’s easy and life’s good – so go ahead with your pick of the latest LG phone at MOBIPHIX – knowing that you have got your back covered.

LG Handset