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For some, MOBIPHIX is grab and go. For others, it simply is ‘statement to stay’

Handheld Mobile Devices

Housing a sleek range of contemporary handhelds, MOBIPHIX is known for keeping the most pristine stacks of i-phones, Samsung, LG and Tablets. We make sure that from the most popular to the rare most versions, colors, textures and editions of your desired handheld is displayed on our shelves or carefully kept in our vaults for your on-demand preview.

Our exclusively procured product lots come with their quality and standard compliances, special warrantees, on-demand bundled cellular packages as well as best installment and insurance deals in town.

So every time you plan on being the first to book your latest phone; simply upgrade to a long sought-after device or get your loved ones the tablet that connects and computes better than the rest – get to your nearest MOBIPHIX or simply make your request online for the required product-line to be dropped at your doorstep.

iPhone X


They said the world will not be like 1984, when they launched apple computers and with their macs and i-phone they proved it right – for every year that followed through.

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LG Smart Phone


Built on the essence of Life’s Good, LG phones at MOBIPHIX present a full range of V, G and K series phones. The trade mark ThinQ, Xfinity and Pro LTE are among the top

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samsung galaxy j5


Riding the tides of android, breaking the boundaries of innovation with simplicity, Samsung phones have been on the rise – further and farther than most could predict.

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tablet repairing


Our array of tablets boasts a diverse range of devices from popular i-pads – to standard hp devices – to galaxy tabs – to ASUSZen Pad – to Surface Pro – to limited edition

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