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About us

About Us

For some, MOBIPHIX is one-stop solution. For others, it simply is ‘peace of mind’.


Whether you’re a millennial Canadian or old school classic! MOBIPHIX is a quick fix for all your cellular and computing needs. Of course when choices of new and warranted used devices are plenty, you’re at liberty to choose the one that is best fit for your lifestyle and your pocket.

Under its signature branded outlets, MOBIPHIX offers all popular variants of handhelds including your favorite i-phone, Samsung, LG and tablet. After all, your phone has go to get as smart as you’re.

Novelty has a pristine value of its own. But some devices have greater emotional value attached to them than their price tags. This is where MOBIPHIX gets to cherish your memories boxed in your handy handhelds.

It is for these reasons that our outlets house master-skill labs next to our dazzling display shelves. This is where you dock your phones, laptops and tablets as well as a wide range of conventional and lithium smart batteries.

Last but not the least. Welcome to our exclusive selection of tech accessories. In store we have branded and bespoke covers, protectors, chargers, cables, batteries and power banks.

In the world of highly competitive tech gadgetry, MOBIPHIX competes with itself – for all out excellence in product quality and after sale service. Because our most precious possession is well earned trust of our very dear customers.

Mobiphix Mobile Repair

It is this spirit of “service to satisfaction’ which is upheld at all our outlets – not only as a mission statement but as a manifestation of our continued commitment to our customers who never fail to put their trust in us, first. Every day, at every store MOBI PHIX embodies this spirit as a central value and reflects it through its dynamic customer services, state-of-the-art product line and unparalleled repair & support solutions.